What you wear during your Senior Portrait Session affects not only the way you look (of course!) but also how you feel both during your session and afterward. And let's face it.. there's a good chance THESE are the photos that will be hanging on your parents' walls forever, so I'm here to help you pick styles that you love NOW and won't be too embarrassed by in 20 years! ;)

Feel free to take as much or as little of the advice as you'd like! Please don't let any of these guidelines influence your style or dim your light. I'm here to help show off YOU, just as you are.

Senior Session Prep Dos and Don'ts

Hair, Skin, + Nails

DO treat your portrait session like you might prepare for prom-- Make sure your hair cut and color looks fresh.

DO get your nails done or go for a more natural bare nail look (but make sure to remove all chipped polish).

DO consider adding professional hair and makeup services for a more polished look in your photos, and contact me if you need a referral!

DO moisturize your skin for a even, smooth look.

DON'T overdo it on sunless tanners that can leave you looking orange and streaky! DON'T make major changes to your hair or skincare routine before your session. New products can cause breakouts.

Wardrobe DOs

DO wear clothing styles that make you feel comfortable, beautiful, and powerful!

Accessories and Props

DO bring accessories to add a little something more to your look. Have a sunny, summer style? Bring sunglasses to add in for a few photos.

DO let me know if you'd like to borrow some HATS! I have a few in my collection, and I'm always happy to bring them along for anyone who asks!

DO remember to bring along your letterman jacket or any medals/awards you'd like to include in your session.